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Pause for self-care this holiday season

‘Tis the season! Of lights, and merriment and love.

Of presents… that need to be bought, often fighting crowds in stores. Of food and drink, and parties full of people. Perhaps you will be doing the cooking for one or two parties yourself.

It’s a joyous time of the year. For many, it’s also a stressful time of the year.

The good news is that there’s something you can do to make it a little less stressful. Anyone can do it, almost any time of the day.  So what is it can you do?

You can pause.

Take a moment to tune out everything around you and go inward.

Before doing the following exercise, think about surrounding yourself with healing energy. What colour would that energy be? Does it have a shape? Is it sparkly, or does it look soft and foggy?

Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, ground yourself. Allow your shoulders to soften. Feel your feet pressing into the floor. If you’re sitting, notice the chair supporting your buttocks and the backs of your legs.

Now, breathe that healing energy in to create length and space in your spine. Sit or stand tall and strong. If it’s safe, you may want to close your eyes. Perhaps you’d like to place a hand over your heart and another over your belly.

Next, take 5 deep, slow breaths. Imagine pulling that healing energy in each time you inhale, allowing it to fill all spaces in your body. As you exhale, let go of anything you don’t need anymore – stale breath, low energy, unhelpful thoughts.

After your last breath, pause again. Tune in to your senses, and notice something you hadn’t be aware of the moment before – a sound, a sensation in your body, perhaps a smell.

You can do this anywhere. You can do it in a quiet room, or in a meeting surrounded by people. You can do it if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line.

Do this as often as you need. Give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday season.


Wishing you peace, health, happiness, and love.

Cara Bowman RYT-200

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