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In this transitional time of year may you find more time CONNECTING with yourself and less time CORRECTING yourself.

May this be a gift to your heart as well as the hearts of others.

Part of our evolution is that we are invited to expand into healthier, authentic, and more prosperous versions of ourselves to live fully in mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some journal prompts to connect with yourself and reflect on your year.

1. Did you have a word for 2022?

a. If so, did you embody its’ ‘energy’ in your life?

2. Reflect on 2022. What are you most…?

a. proud of?

b. grateful for?

3. What was a challenge you encountered this year?

a.  From your challenge, did you receive a lesson, tool, or gift(s)?

5. What do you need to shed or leave behind from this past year?

6. Regarding your health, wellness, and fitness practices, which were most beneficial or enjoyable for you this year?

7. When you look back at your life over the last 12 months, what is the ONE thing you want to have accomplished or maintain a commitment through the upcoming year(s)?


“As this year ends, I choose to let go of all that no long serves me and embrace

enter attributes in building a renewed version of yourself:

  1. _____________
  2. _____________
  3. _____________

♾ _________________

I am in the right place and at the right time in my journey. AND SO, IT IS!”

By: Tina D’Angelo Owner, Fitness and Wellness Consultant and Life Coach.

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